What These Decals & Lettering Fonts Say About Your Brand

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Whether displayed on a proudly customized fleet or plastered across a humble plumbing company’s van, decals & lettering make a rolling statement. However, the font and graphics used often speak louder than words, often conveying brand personalities ranging from fun and playful to poised and professional.

What These Decals & Lettering Fonts Say About Your Brand

In this blog, we’ll cast a glance at the nuanced messages of font styles commonly used in decals & lettering and what they say about your brand.

  • Serif. Serif fonts are timeless classics that convey quality, class, and a sense of history. The extra details on letterforms like Times New Roman take viewers back to extensively printed materials like books, invoking tradition and excellence. Vehicle graphics with serif decals & lettering suggest maturity and establishment.
  • Script. Script fonts impart a sense of elegance and creativity. Flowing, connected letters mimic handwriting, conveying artistic flair and sophistication. Brands that use script lettering on their fleets often appear stylish and high-end.
  • Sans Serif. Clean and simple sans serif fonts optimize clarity and readability. Their minimalist, uncluttered shapes communicate modernity and efficiency. When used on cars, they give sharp, forward-thinking impressions of your brand.
  • Modern. Like sans serif fonts, modern fonts’ bold, thick strokes feel progressive and dynamic. These attention-grabbing letterforms connote leadership in contemporary design and a bold, innovative spirit in your business.
  • Display. Display fonts offer incredible versatility with their highly customizable forms, allowing brands to craft unique identities. The playful shapes and illustrations blended into display fonts can work with nearly any image a company aims to project. Although they offer ample creative leeway, you should ensure your message doesn’t get lost in the artistic flair when designing vehicle decals & lettering.

Given the above options, which font do you believe aligns best with your brand? If you would like professional advice on the most suitable decals & lettering design for your business vehicle or fleet, start the conversation by contacting our experts today.