Three Expert Tips for Enticing Event Graphics

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Event graphics are an essential part of effective event marketing and management. Not only do they clearly identify the event’s purpose and give important communications, but they also provide a valuable opportunity to advertise to event participants. However, graphics are only as effective as they are enticing.

Three Expert Tips for Enticing Event Graphics

Here are our three expert tips for enticing event graphics:

  1. Get clear on your message. Event graphics need to convey a message in a matter of seconds. Attendees cannot be expected to decipher the message of a sign they are briefly walking past if it is unclear. So, get crystal clear on what you want your graphic to communicate. This should be a simple message that can easily be communicated as soon as the viewer spots your sign.
  2. Let visual hierarchy lead. Visual hierarchy refers to design that prioritizes elements by order of their importance. This means that a graphic’s most important element (directions or a company’s logo, for example) is the focal point. When creating event graphics, let your clear and concise message decide every other element of the visual.
  3. Stay on brand. Whether you are creating graphics for the event itself or advertising your business at an event, it’s important to achieve brand cohesion through consistent visuals, color schemes, messaging, and tone. When advertising at an event, you want to find the balance between maximizing your brand visibility and fitting in with the event’s overall vibe.

When it comes to event graphics, a clear message will always be the most enticing element.